The Beauty in Writing Freely

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

I don't really recall how I stumbled into I think it was recommended by one of the newsletters I'm subscribed to.

At the time, I was really looking for an alternative to my current CMS, WordPress, which was good enough. It can serve the purpose of hosting blogs. It was actually pretty good at it.

My problem with it is that there was just too much going on. If you are thinking of starting a blog in WordPress, here are the things you need to worry about:

  • Webhosting provider
  • WordPress theme
  • a Template from that theme, unless you want to design the site yourself
  • and then the Plugins - you need a minimum of 10-12 basic plugins to handle security, database optimization, image optimization, caching, newsletters/email marketing, speed optimization, SEO, etc

Each of these items can overwhelm you with all the choices out there. And I don't intend to itemize them here as this was just intended to be a random blog post.

Don't get me wrong. WordPress is a badass CMS. There's a reason it powers close to 40% of websites globally. The features and customization options within the platform are just endless.

And if you're into SEO, it has the best tools to help you with it. It can provide you your SEO rating, word count, keyword density, etc. But for me, that's the main problem.

It prohibits me from writing like this. With, you just go straight to writing.

Sure, there will be times I will need to worry about those metrics. It entirely depends on the topic and my goals for the article.

But I also want to write random pieces like this. Posts where I don't have to worry about ranking on Google. Personally, SEO takes away the joy in writing.

Because quite frankly, sometimes, I just want to write for myself.